Hello world!

Bob MonahonWelcome to BobMonahon.Wordpress.com.  So, it’s Sunday and I’m doing my taxes.  My daughter Catherine’s in Washington, DC for the Power Shift student demonstration.  She’s our young activist!  With the big winter storm descending on the East coast tonight and tomorrow, she’ll stay an extra day and head back to school on Tuesday.

I just joined Facebook.  The New York Times recently printed that Facebook is becoming the home for baby-boomers to meet their old high-school friends that they’ve completely forgotten.  That’s true for me.

I couldn’t get my picture into the blog heading,  so it’s here for now.  (I also put it on the About page – that’s probably enough.) 

I tried the image upload for the customized heading, but the upload/automatic cropping sequence did not work as advertised.  After 4 tries with different options, I found I could get a very blurry full face, or a properly focused view of my nose.  Since the visual package works best with all the parts showing, I scrapped that plan.

Also, I’d like to make that blog header smaller – no need to take up all  that space on the browser page. Couldn’t find an option for that, either.  Maybe when I get a chance I’ll try a different theme.


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